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Should I take it? Rich mzungu offered me money to sleep with my wife

By Uncle Ted | Tuesday, Feb 28th 2017 at 07:38

Hi Uncle Ted.

I am married to this very beautiful woman. The problem is that a colleague of mine at work thinks my wife is too beautiful to be with me, and has offered me Sh100,000 to be with her for just a day.

He’s a mzungu from Britain and even offered to book me into an expensive hotel as he makes love to my wife. Should I take the money?

He says my wife will never know that I was part of the deal.


Well, well, well! First, you knew what you were getting yourself into when you yoked yourself to this beautiful creature. Trust me, even your gate man has noticed her beauty. And you think she doesn’t know she’s that gorgeous?

Yet, of all the men, she settled for you, for better or worse, to be your wife. Now the mzungu is offering Sh100k for just a day - which is more than what the average Kenyan makes in a day - and you think you’re in a dilemma.

I suspect that you actually need the money, or else you wouldn’t have considered writing in. So, if it’s the validation you want from me, then yeah, what the heck! Take the bloody money!

It would be a win-win for everyone, no? Your wife set for life with a rich mzungu, and you with your Sh100k.

So there, I have said it, go get your money and lead a happy life without your wife!

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