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Akothee disses women for using ‘emergency pill’

By Cate Mukei | Saturday, Feb 18th 2017 at 11:39

Award-winning musician Akothee was on the receiving end on Valentines’ Day when she dismissed fellow women for using morning-after P2 pills.

Akothee, while sending subliminal messages to her baby daddies, claimed that she was making money through her children.

“I love my baby daddies. They pay hotel accommodation and food for their children’s Valentine;s week, I provide a driver and fuel, but they pay for their trips through my company Akothee Safaris. Some of you are still waiting for P2 in bed,” read the caption of a picture she posted on Instagram.

 Some of her fans felt that the singer was using her children to enrich herself and accused her of “sleeping around” for monetary benefits.

Some were not even happy that she had children from different races.

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