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What constitutes cheating in a relationship? Here are five inappropriate behaviors

By Nancy Roxanne | Wednesday, Jan 11th 2017 at 11:29
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So what constitutes cheating in a relationship? There is an expansive grey area about what really qualifies as being unfaithful to your partner.

In a broad sense, cheating comprises anything that goes against your partner’s expectations of you.

There is no accepted checklist of what counts as cheating.

Different people have different definitions of what they may term as infidelity. Cheating doesn’t always require physical contact.

There are numerous non-sexual things that a person can do that ends up being total deal-breakers.

If you are wondering if you have crossed the line, I have compiled a list of some seemingly harmless things that count as inappropriate behaviour for someone in an exclusive relationship:

 Suggestive correspondence
In you were not sure, texting back and forth with an ex or someone with a romantic interest in you is not okay! 

Cheating has become way too easy in this era of instant messaging and social media. Exchanging erotic messages on social media with a stranger amounts to cheating. It doesn’t matter whether you intend to meet up with the person in question or not.

 Intimate gifts
Exchanging gifts of a personal nature with a person who is not your lover can be considered as infidelity. It all boils down to motive. You should not be buying jewellery or lingerie for another woman, even if you are not intimate with her.

What may seem like a harmless banter to you is actually cheating. If you notice that conversations with a certain someone are getting a little risqué, you should consider what both your intentions are.

It is never an innocent interaction if you cannot hold the same conversation with your partner.

 Lap dance
Having another woman on your laps is cheating! There is nothing harmless about another woman fondling your nether regions, gyrating against you and God knows what else goes on in those dingy joints!

I would not forgive my man for getting a private dance at a strip club. If that is what gets you going, come home to me! I’d be more than happy to give my man a strip show.

Denying a relationship
If someone asks you if you are in a relationship and you say you are single, even though you are seeing someone, that is cheating. You may not be doing the deed, but you are definitely opening up opportunities to do just that.

 Secret rendezvous
So your better half is out of town or something and you decide to catch dinner with a colleague of the opposite sex. It is just dinner, right? Wrong! That is cheating.

 When it is all said and done, some of these things seem pretty harmless and not enough to fuss over, but whenever you start to justify yourself, flip the situation around and ask yourself how you would react if your partner was the one doing those things.

That is a sure way to put things into perspective!

Tell me what you think.


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