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Cow saliva or throat pills-What women and men are using to spice up sex

By Scophine A. Otieno and Cate Mukei | Sunday, Dec 11th 2016 at 11:57
The remedies stem from desires to satisfy partners Photo: Courtesy

Those in the know say men love marrying a woman who can be a wife in the kitchen but a whore in the bedroom.

And the  extraordinary lengths they go to spice and thus be what their men want can stupefy even the most daring.

Just the other day, the Internet was on fire over news that our women use blue Strepsils lozenges for more than dealing with sore Kenyan throats.

Besides Strepsils, there is also widespread use of lemon and Coke to tighten ‘P-Unit’ especially among new mothers who get elastic after child birth. Or having too much lungula.

Coca cola Photo: Courtesy

Take Joyce Nduta. After giving birth to a son, sex became  routine, boring and lacked some oomph.

“I became worried and insecure and in one of our Kamweretho meetings, shred my fears with my friends. One advised that I drip lemon juice in my vagina and it would pull together and tighten,” she told The Nairobian, confessing that she’s not sure the thing worked save for a painful itch.

Visiting a therapist got her confidence back and “I think I was just insecure after hearing that a woman’s honey pot expands after child birth.” 

Margaret Akinyi from Huruma estate in Nairobi says a conversation with a neighbour who was a hooker changed her sex life as she let it slip that “after every client she washes down there with Coke so that the next client almost feels like she was a virgin” after washing her ‘Euro bond’ with Coke. 

The use of Coke is not new as in the 1950s and 1960s it was used as a douche since women believed Coke contained carbon and pouring it inside er ‘P-Unit’ would kill sperms.

Social media was awash recently when women confessed that they used Strepsils before giving their men ‘tongue lashing’ as apparently, licking the ‘lollipop’ while having Strepsils in the mouth gave men that tingling, cooling effect that gets them exploding like a Volcano.

Strepsils Photo: Courtesy

The reverse, when used by the man during fellatio, has the same cooling effects on the woman’s petunia.

“Men too have caught the bug and have learned the art of going down on women while mumunyaring Strepsils so as to get them ladies reciting the Lord’s prayer in Gujarati.

Then there are those who swear by herbalists who sell ‘P-Unit tightening concoctions, ointments, creams and herbs.

 Winnie, a student at a local university, says her fiancé is obsessed with squirts so she takes a glass of water to feel like  peeing during sex. “He cannot tell whether it is peeing or squirting, it boosts his ego and he brags to his friends that he gets me to squirt,” she says, smiling cheekily.

Other women are known to moan the roof down as knowing when and how to moan is a technique that makes the bedroom sound like a blue movie theatre.  

Rachel Nasiche, a salon proprietor, in Migori town told The Nairobian that women clients come to her salon wanting to know the secret of Ugandan women in bed.

“Whenever men know I am from Uganda, their interest hits the roof,” she bragged, adding that she advises them to practice the art of shaking their waists known as Ssenga.

Nasiche also revealed that Kenyan women are flocking Uganda to have their inner lips pulled with the help of special herbs.

“During intercourse, the elongated lips tickles and gently squeezes the male member which coupled with waist shaking gets the man singing Halleluja,” Nasiche explains, adding that having one’s labia pulled is painful.

Awiti Midema, a midwife popularly known as “Min Ji” in Kisumu’s Mowlem Estate says during delivery the birth canal expands, but says with time, it finds its groove back. “We do not stitch like is done in hospital and in case of a small tear during child birth, we advise the women to use hot water and salt to enable the wound to heal,” and a woman has no reason to feel insecure.

But it is the Strepsils discussion that got women dishing all manner of tips in matters bedroom. 

The saliva from a cow you see chewing cud by the road side in shagz could be a lubricant during lungula as Loise Achieng sensationally claimed on Facebook.

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