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These are the 10 best places to live in Nairobi

By Cate Mukei | Saturday, Dec 31st 2016 at 12:01
An aerial view of of houses at Riara    PHOTO: WILBERFORCE OKWIRI/SDE

Trust me, nobody cares where you live in Nairobi. But women do. Why else would a woman move out of a spacious two-bedroom apartment in Embakasi to a tiny servants quarter in Valley Arcade, where she can’t even keep a pet?

While a man might agonise over reasons for moving houses, a woman could be chasing a well-heeled man in such a hood.

Indeed, a city woman’s decision regarding where to live can be influenced by diverse factors ranging from search for the future father of her children, money, business opportunities and even myths and stereotypes about the area.

The Nairobian carried out an online survey on the best neighborhoods for women to live in...and avoid.

Best hoods:-

1. Karen/Runda/Kitsuru/Muthaiga
Although Karen is located further away from the city as compared to the other neighbourhoods on this list, the serenity and natural scenery more than make up for the distance.

The neighbourhood is largely considered posh, with the many mansions and villas housing notable people in society.

Karen can be boring for housewives. But domestic workers more than compensates for what husbands can’t provide.

Precious Muigai, who currently lives in Embakasi says her dream home is Runda, Muthaiga or Kitsuru.

“Who doesn’t want an elite gated neighbourhood? Besides, most men working at the United Nations offices in Gigiri and the US Embassy, are known to live there. As a single woman, my dream is to get married to a man who either works for an Embassy of are a well paying international agency.”

2. Kilimani/Riara/Lavington

There are modern maisonettes, mixed with commercial developments, but most people who live in these neighbourhoods don’t have time to shop or even run errands.

Every business woman aspiring to work from the comfort of her house wants to live there.

Nancy Onjiko, who supplies veggies via an online platform in Kilimani, says these places are ideal for a woman looking for man to keep them.

“The wives here are so caught up in themselves doing their chama meet ups or getting depressed over first world problems that they don’t have time for their husbands,” says Nancy, who is a proud clande herself.

3. Woodley/Adams Arcade/Ngumo
Women love to shop and the closer and cheaper the venue the better. Women who live in these hoods always look good, fashion-wise. You may wonder where they get the money to maintain such a fresh wardrobe but that’s what happens when the flea market is in your backyard.

“The advantage of living in such a neighbourhood is that you don’t even plan for the shopping. Most of my best pieces in my wardrobe were bought on random evenings on my way to work. The most expensive is Sh1,000 while the rest range from Sh50 to Sh300. I just can’t imagine myself living elsewhere, “Lucia Mwali, a legal secretary told The Nairobian.

4. Syokimau/Mlolongo
This is where all wannabe home owners have flocked to. The realtors have not only provided great rates for home and land owners but also tenants.

An apartment that costs Sh70,000 in Kileleshwa goes for only Sh35,000 in Syokimau.

It also comes complete with what every woman dreams of: a picket fence where you can wave goodbye to your child in the school bus as you walk back with your loving hubby and a Chihuahua.

Carol Karongo agrees saying; “I never liked Syokimau at first, but since my husband had just gotten a job on Mombasa Road, we did not have an option. I, have however, come to appreciate the place even more than I did with Kileleshwa. The houses are spacious and the children have a big playground.”

5. Thika Road/Roysambu/Kahawa Sukari
Thika Road and its environs are one of the most underestimated neighbourhoods in Nairobi.

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