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Looking to follow on unclaimed assets? Here are the documents needed

By Paul Wafula and James Wanzala | Tuesday, Oct 20th 2015 at 12:18

The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority wrote:

Dear The Nairobian Defender,

We appreciate the help you are giving your readers understand the processing of filing claims of listed unclaimed financial assets. The list of all unclaimed financial assets from holders is a work in progress. They are listed when they fall due as per provisions of Unclaimed Financial Assets Act, 2011.

We hope to continue serving our countrymen and women with diligence to deliver the unclaimed financial assets agenda.

For your information, and that of your readers, the following is a check list for items needed to process claims with the Authority.

Individual claiming draft/dormant account:

Claim letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority

Official letter received from the holder confirming remittance to the Authority of the unclaimed financial assets

Certified copy of national ID card

Affidavit for change of name (if names differ between ID and documents held by bank)

Certified copy of PIN certificate

Bank statement, issued within the last six months, bearing your postal address

Utility bill (water, telephone, electricity) issued within the last six months, bearing your postal address

If claiming on behalf of a deceased person or claimant and has or asserts legal right to assets, the following documents should also be provided:

Certificate of Summary Administration issued under the Public Trustee Act, where applicable

Confirmation of Grant of Letters of Administration

Confirmation of Grant of Probate

Registered Power of Attorney

A court order that establishes representation by reason of incompetence or incapacity

In case of a guardian, a deed in that regard

Business entity claiming draft or dormant account:

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