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What drama! Here are 11 ugly showbiz moments of 2016

By Boniface Mithika and Denzel E | Friday, Dec 23rd 2016 at 10:15
What drama! Prezzo, Olomide, 'James Bond and DNG [Photo: Courtesy]

From clap backs to breakups and feud, the entertainment industry has seen it all in 2016. In this competitive world where controversy, scandals, blonde moments and thunder stealing share one platform, what a theatrics assortment this year served us with as juicy pieces broke everyday.

The Kenyan industry has been characterized and christened with many celebrity weddings; some that ended before the honeymoon romance even cooled down.

There was also a tonne of international acts visiting for mega shows, some ending up with ugly airport acts like the flop that was Koffi Olomide.

What drama! What a showbiz year!

DNG,Yvette [Photo: Courtesy]

DNG breakup with Yvette
This came as a shock to many who had been following the love story between DNG the hype-master and his beloved wife Yvette Nungari.

It was hardly a year since the glamourous wedding had taken place with many terming it the wedding of the year. This was seen as a role model couple since DNG is himself a big and successful youthful showbiz shot of great reputation.

The news came that DNG and his wife were having marital issues before the worst happened; Yvette walked away from their matrimonial home.

Since, DNG has been quoted in media outlets saying that even though Yvette was beautiful, she had a 'dark' heart.

 It later occurred to us that the two had known each other only for months before they said "I do". And with this February incidence, the showbiz year begun!

Betty Kyalo, Dennis [Photo: Courtesy]

Betty and Dennis

After the February incident, another bombshell was dropped in March. It was the latest and most adored TV couple of Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari going separate ways.

Well, this, we must say, was painful and hard to believe. Even though the two have moved on after apologising to each other, what a spark this sent in celebville!

 It was the second celebrity breakup of the year and the most thunderous for that matter; coming only months after their glamourous wedding and high profile honeymoon.

Prezzo [Photo: Courtesy]

Prezzo's assault incident

Controversial rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini aka CMB Prezzo oozes drama all day.

This year, it started when he showed up at KTN studios for an interview with news anchor Betty Kyalo and the whole thing went downhill in a matter of seconds.

The stunt master he is, Prezzo started making advances to Betty on live TV, an incidentmany condemned.

 Now for those who have no clue what went on behind the scenes, Prezzo was actually matched out of the building after everything ran out of hand.

A few weeks later, the rapper was arrested at Nyayo Estate, Embakasi, for allegedly attacking a motorist as he demanded to be driven to town.

Same Love Sex released, banned

It wasn't the first time we were hearing about the LGBT community trying to push the envelope but this one stretched it. It was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' gay rights anthem Same Love remix, that had been recorded and released by a group of Kenyan musicians that got everyone murmuring.

 The video was bold about promoting the same sex idea and with Kenyans whining that the video was too gross for their morals, the Kenya film classification board came to the rescue and requested that the video be pulled down.

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