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Madtraxx: Sunday is the day I nurse my hangover

By Esther Muchene | Sunday, Apr 16th 2017 at 10:24

Sunday is the day...

I nurse my hangover.

Once I am up...

I drink water.

If I could replace Sunday with any other day it would be...

A Friday because it just feels right.

What I love most about Sundays...

Is that I can say "let's do this tomorrow."

What I don't like about Sundays...

Is when it hits 9pm. It means that the day is really gone.

Sunday menu...


Rules I have broken on a Sunday?

I break rules every day!

The one thing I have always wanted to do but haven't done yet is...


Sunday activities include...

I hate routines so whatever goes.

Sunday tracks...

70s, 80s music and any tracks hard to come by.


It was a self-help book. I can't remember the title but it said to drop unnecessary baggage.

Heard: Someone dear said "I love you my king!"

Saw: My daughter's smile.

Madtraxx is a recording artist, a leading music producer in the country and member of the Kansoul. He is also a family man with a young daughter.

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