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It takes Sh5.4 million pimping ‘Sweet Heaven’ buses to impress KU students

By Pkemoi Ng'enoh | Sunday, Mar 15th 2015 at 13:36
Sweet heaven matatu
‘Sweet Heaven’ at Odeon terminus, Nairobi  Photo: Pkemoi Ng’enoh

Sh5.4 million is how much it has cost in workshop and artist charges to pimp up ‘Sweet Heaven’ buses.

The sexed up buses which ply the city centre - Kenyatta University route seem to stop at nothing to please Kenyatta University students who are their main customers.

The 33-seaters invested mostly on cosy leather seats, glowing re-chargeable lights and quality music systems to hook the ‘comrades.’

“It is a tricky business, but it’s worth the investment. There is what we call ‘standard make up,’ which costs  about Sh3.7 million, and extras, which include gravity, tinted glasses, interior and music, which costs an extra Sh1.7 million,” said Keving Munga, the fleet manager.

“Our passengers are mostly students, and we charge between Sh70 and 100. It’s tough for us when they are on holiday. In fact, we even hire out our buses when the students are not in campus.

The manager says that for long trips, say to Mombasa, they charge about Sh4,000 per head for a maximum of 17 passengers.

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